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Balloon Defense 5

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Balloon Defense 5 is a delight for gamers! Perhaps, it's one of the most addictive games, I have ever come across. Balloon Defense 5 has everything more of what we really love in a flash game. It's larger, better and more entertaining on all accounts in comparison to its predecessors. I must admit that the graphics are really fascinating, and the concept of the game is intriguing enough to keep one engaged for all the six tracks. Unlike other flash games out there, I found the music very entertaining and pleasant on the ears.

As such, the concept of the game is very lucid. It's an improved version of the Tower Defense game, wherein you build structures to avoid the enemy balloons from crossing the map. Balloons are the deceptively cute enemies over here, whereas monkeys are the towers. So the goal is to prevent the balloons from reaching the end of the map. You lose the game if 100 balloons pass through the map. Several new towers have been added in this improved version to provide an interesting flair to the game Balloon Defense 5. You will have to place the towers in the path of the balloons to combat them. You have the option to upgrade the towers (monkeys) to improve their performance.

For instance, a dart monkey fails to cover a wide area, and they only pop one balloon at a time. An upgrade to boomerang monkey, super monkey and so on will allow you to cover more area and pop more balloons at a time. Overall, the Balloon Defense 5 has six tracks and you are allowed to choose the track of your choice once you commence the game. The strength of the balloon depends on its color. For instance, red balloons are very slow and will require only 1 hit from you, whereas blue balloons will require 2 hits and so on.

The earlier phase of the Balloon Defense 5 game will appear very slow, and you will witness only a few balloons trying to get past the map. However, as you advance further in the game, you will find the balloons rushing at you. Unless you are fully attentive, you won't be able to match the speed or adjust your reactions to these fast passing balloons. Water and air defenses are pretty cool additions made to this game. At the stages, the game may appear almost impossible to complete. That's when the game becomes irresistible and more entertaining to play!

Considering there were many flash tower defense games out before Ninjakiwi even contemplated releasing their own, such as the desktop tower defense game, there was little effort put into this one. It lacks any variety in what you would term 'baddies' or balloons in this case. Even though they pretty much stuck with the balloon concept for the series, more imagination could have been placed on the kind of balloons being used, for example, some could have had a mind of their own or been a bit more gruesome looking rather than plain old party balloons. Balloon Defense 5 is part of a collection of tower defense games that can be played for free online at our website. Enjoy it!

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